Baby Girl Hill :)

Well, let me rephrase that, "We are 90% certain it will be Baby Girl Hill." Hahaha. We had our 18 week ultrasound today and everything checks out great... Baby is healthy, is right on track for growth, and everything looks great. Only thing is the u/s tech couldn't say 100% on whether it's a girl or a boy!

The tech didn't print me any booty shots (I know, I should have asked!! I got a picture of a foot!! Stupid me!!) but we stared for a LOOOONG time at that area and I am 100% sure it's a girl. The tech said she is "pretty sure" it is a girl, but just didn't want to say for sure because she thought it was too early (what? at 18 weeks? I dont think so) and that the legs were crossed. Ok, this babies legs were at a 90 degree angle, or wider! I could see the "3 labia lines" perfectly. I have been scouring the Internet looking at u/s pics and it seems to me that it would be VERY obvious at this point if it was a little boy. ;-)

Anyways, I guess the bright side of all this is that I go back in 4 weeks to get another ultrasound "just to make sure." Pretty disappointing... But I am going with girl for now. If she happens to grow a weewee in the next 4 weeks, well, I'll only be 22 weeks and won't be too far along. Have you ever heard of the mamas who are told they are having a boy/girl but end up delivering the opposite??? Man, talk about the shock of a lifetime!!!

So I guess any cute clothes I buy between now and then I'll just need to save the receipts.

I am so excited for Char to have a baby sister!!!! And I am so excited to go through all the baby girl things again.... Cute clothes, PINK, sweet hair, hair bows, and of course, another daddy's girl. :-)

On another note.... Here are some names we are considering. I love names that are classic and unique, but not too quirky or strange. I can't stand trendy or names that everyone has. (Sorry, just my personal preference)

So. What do you think?
(Oh, and BTW... We probably won't be announcing the name until she is born!)



Rachel said...

Congratulations! This is exciting! And a blessing, Charlotte can pass down her leftovers!

Tiffany W. said...

Congratulations! Nick and I are really hoping for two girls down the line, so I know I'd be thrilled to hear about a second girl as well.

I love all your names except Hosanna. Most names get shortened (Charlotte becomes Char, Tiffany becomes Tiff)...What is Hosanna going to end up shortened to?

You may shorten it to Anna, but when she hits the middle school age, it will be really easy for rude kids to come up with a much less flattering nickname.

Just something to think about!

Adry said...

Congrats! Of those names, I have to say I'm partial to Rachel. I also love the name Claire (which is similar to Clara).

Tiff and Seth said...

A lady we go to church with was told her entire pregnancy that she was going to have a little girl...well delivery day arrives and so does Griffin!! Needless to say everyone was in shock!! As for the names- I love Evelyn!

thehills said...

Tiffany W. - Yeahhh, I was thinking about that and it's been pointed out to me by others.. LOL I think Hosanna might need to be reserved for a middle name, if at all! :)

Tiff and Seth - Yes, I know someone this happened to, also!! I couldn't imagine!!!! Thank goodness I get another u/s in 4 weeks JUST to make sure. :) I'm trying not to get TOO used to the idea of having a girl, just in case something pops up on the next u/s... :)

mpence said...

I absolutely LOVE the name Hosanna! I also like Jubilee a lot! (I have a friend who has 2 girls with those names, and think they are so great together, too!)

Cassandra said...

Hi, I saw your blog from the novemeber ec on ivillage.

Congrats on the little girl!!! I love all of the names on your list, but especially Vivian and Lydia.

I was told twice I was "probably" having a girl but turns out it's a boy! I hadn't bought much, but did have a couple of things to return!