Anyone else hate being the newbie?

Today I started my first day at my neeeeeeew job! Actually, it was just a bunch of classroom orientation stuff (you know, like rules, regulations, HIPAA, safety, blah), so it was incredibly boring, but it was easy money, nonetheless! :) This hospital is much bigger than what I'm used to... About twice the size of EAMC. I mean, my orientation had 80 other new hires in it! Of course, most of them were new nursing grads (aww, I remember being one of them myself!) but still!

So anyways, it was basically a bunch of power point slides and me wishing I had packed some chewing gum because that horrible pregnancy taste wouldn't leave my mouth! Ugh! I did eventually get some in the gift shop though, thank you Lord!

For this 2 weeks of orientation I have to be at, we had to find someone to watch little Char while I was away. Since we don't know a soul here yet and have no family here, I found someone who I think is going to work great! She and Char hit it off well and it sounds like they had a great day together. She brought her 3 year old son over, too, and it sounds like they got along great! Apparently after I left, Charlotte just stared at her for 30 minutes. hahaha. And then she proceeded to show her all of her toys. When I got home this afternoon, I was SOOO excited to see my baby! Of course, she acted like I wasn't there, and cried when the sitter left. Figures. Little stinker!

Baby News: Nothing new! Just still sick as a dog, horrible indigestion that even Pepcid won't touch, and just... Yes, me being my whiny self. But I think Thomas is used to it by now. Poor guy. I think even at this point HE doesn't want me to get pregnant again! LOL

I am 16 weeks today so I am pretty annoyed that I am still feeling sick. Oh, second trimester honeymoon period, where are you???? But I'm still waiting to feel those baby kicks! I felt Char move at 16 weeks, so it should be any time now! Of course, I'm fatter now than I was before, so I'm sure I can't feel anything through all this cushion!


mpence said...

It depends on the situation...there are definately times it is worse than others! Overall, being the newbie is something I do not like.

Adry said...

I hope your new job works out great. Congrats of finding a babysitter so quickly. Will you be able to get a work schedule similar to your last job? I know you had it worked out to minimize babysitters.

Oh, and congrats on the new baby. Hopefully the sickness will subside soon!