Date Night!

Tonight Thomas and I went on a rare date night. I dont think we've had a REAL date night in.. well... 6 months? Very sad, I know. But we have found a great baby sitter that Charlotte seems to just love so we finally got a night out! :) We didn't too anything too exciting. It was nice to drive around outside at night!! Haha, don't get to do that much anymore with a little one.

We went to Sal & Mookies, a really nice pizza and ice cream parlor type restaurant. It was SO GOOD and we even got my meal free because they brought out something that I didn't order. I told them that it wasn't a problem and that we could pay for my meal, but the waiter insisted! Ok, fine then. :) Then we went to Borders Books and just hung around and read. Yes, we are very interesting. We were going to see a movie, but it didn't start in time so maybe we'll do that next date night. Here is a prego pic I took before we left, I am 23 weeks 1 day in this picture. :)

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icebear said...

You have the glow!