The New Baby Hill!

Last Friday I had my second doctor's appointment and my first ultrasound! Apparently they aren't routine at Lee OB/GYN, but I told my doc that, uhh, I wasn't exactly sure when my last period was. Well, ok, yes I knew the date but my cycles are always wacky! And it's a good thing I did because (and it's not like I LIKE this) they moved my due date back 5 days to November 29. Ugh! That means 5 more whole days of first trimester pukeyness than I was hoping for! Oh well. It's possible, too, that I might have another December baby... In which case December will always be THE month in the Hill household, soooo I'm kind of hoping that he/she stays in November. We'll see.

Here are some pictures of the little bean....

Little beanie at 8w 4d! See the cute little arms and legs??? :)

My MIL says she thinks she can see a "tallywacker." LOL I don't think they have those this early!

This is my favorite! You can see her (*ahem*) arms, legs, and you can even see the fingers! And I THINK, if I get real close, I can even make out eye and nose sockets. How amazing is God's creation.

And that's about it! Not much happened at the appointment, just had an exam (fun times) and begged and pleaded with my doctor to give me something else for this terrible nausea! All she told me to do was double up on the Zofran. Thanks, dude, as if I haven't tried that. (BTW -- The side effects that Zofran does on your, umm, "pipes" leaves much to be desired! On that note I'll just say that now I know my husband REALLY REALLY loves me!!! LOL)

But seriously, yesterday and today I have felt slightly better. I still puked up my dinner about 15 minutes ago, but throughout the day I felt better than I have in weeks. Still queasy, but... Well, you get the idea. :) Hopefully I'll continue to feel better! It was great being able to be with my daughter today and I could tell she loved being with mommy, too.

God, I love that child.


Mandie, Daniel and Dawson said...

Wow! That 4d picture just amazes me. And we knew D was a boy at 12 weeks...so you could know sooner rather than later!

Pink Haired Momma said...

I love these pics Hill! AMAZING! Breath taking!