Char's 15 (err 16) month stats

So, recently, the Biggun had her 15 month appointment. Ok, it was when she was 16 mos, but who cares? The fact is that she went, got some shots, and then got weighed (THE most important thing!)

Turns out she's still a lil bit but still growing tall. She's grown over a foot since she was born!

For those that care (you know, grandparents and such), here are her stats:

Weight: 22 lb 10 oz (35%ile)
Height: 33 inches! (90%ile)
Head: Don't really care... But she has a big ole head!

This was Thomas' first time to take the Biggun to one of her well baby doctor appointments. I figure it's good daddy training! He did pretty well, if I do say so, he remembered her weight and height and everything. Good job, babe! :)

I have still yet to cut her hair... Bad mama!

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