Graduation and Moving!

10 more days.

That's how long I will be in Auburn, AL. I've lived here for the last 6 years and I'll admit I've become quite attached to the little town. I mean, it's not my favorite place to live in.... Way too small and not enough to do! Haha. But in 10 days my small family and I will be moving to Brandon, MS, right outside of Jackson, MS. I'll admit that the move has kind of crept up on me, it seems like just the other day Thomas got the job offer (which actually happened right before Thanksgiving). Good thing we don't have to pack! Or load up the truck! Or unpack! Thank you, wonderful job benefits!

I haven't been working for about the past month. I kind of miss working. I miss my coworkers and all of their quirkiness. I only hope that my future coworkers will be as awesome as those I had at EAMC. :-) I went on two job interviews last week. To sum it up they both went well and I basically have my choice of where I want to work. One is a position on a Renal/Nephrology/Kidney Transplant unit that, unfortunately, I'm going to turn down because of the lack of cheddar offered. The other one is a float position and... Well, let's just say they really convinced me to work for them. ;-) I knew I went into nursing for a reason! But I did like both hospitals and I won't start until June 14 so I have another month off to try to get better from this horrible morning (all day!!!) sickness....

We move next Thursday, May 20. We still haven't sold our trailer, but I'm not worried about it at all, I know God will send someone our way. At the last moment it seemed a lot of repairs that we need to do just kind of decided to pop up so we'll have those done after we move out.

In other news, I am 11 weeks prego today. Only 2 more weeks in the horrible 1st trimester! I do feel better lately than I did in the beginning, but I still have days where I am sick (like today, ugh!) and can't do much other than lay on the couch and pray Char doesn't get into something dangerous. Or messy.

Speaking of the little booger, here are some new pics... I can't believe how big she is getting! She is almost 17 months old, where has the time gone?!?

Getting into mama's makeup bag....

Happy Mother's Day, mom!


Dawn K said...

I love her dress!

VelvetJinxx said...

Congrats on your big life changes!! And cool bedspread.

Anonymous said...

I think your family is adorable, and I keep looking for an update.

How was the move? Congrats on DH graduation and both of your new jobs!

I became a grandmother for the first time on July 2 of last year so we have a 1st birthday coming up.

I sent my dil your blog, I am planting seeds, I hope she is reading your posts about being a Christian mom.

I just took an interest in you, maybe because I was a nurse all my life and you are a sister in Christ.

I hope you are feeling better, morning sickness is the pits, I remember it well even though I am older than dirt.

So, catch us up!! :-)

Karen of Pa.

Mandie, Daniel and Dawson said...

Give us an update on the baby, the move, the jobs, etc :)