Why I Want To Homeschool

I have had many people in the past (and I'm sure I'll get it in the future!) why I want to homeschool my children. There really is no easy answer as it is a broad question with many elements. I recently stumbled across a blog post that explains exactly why I want to homeschool my kids. I won't even bother rewriting it, the author has said it all already! :)


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Anonymous said...

OK, I am not anti-homeschooling and I certainly don't dispute anybody's right to give their children whatever religious education they deem fitting, but that blog entry makes me a little crazy. How can that woman be giving her children a complete and quality education when she cannot even correctly differentiate between "your"/"you're" and "there"/"their"? I have no doubt that her children will come out of their schooling with a strong Christian heart (which, as a Christian, I deem VERY important myself), but what of the rest of their education and the skills they will need to survive and thrive in the world?

Please don't think I'm judging or attacking...I just hope that when you homeschool you will reach beyond the religion issue to ensure your daughter receives a comprehensive education.