The Last Week

Mommy and Miss Charlotte!

I guess this past week just got away from me. It just flew by and now I notice I haven't blogged any. I'm supposed to be writing down my child's life here! ha.

Well, the past week... Let's see. I had my first OB appointment last Wednesday and I guess that went pretty well, just the usual blood work, "Are you taking your prenatals?", when was your last menstrual period... All that fun stuff. Char came with me since I couldn't find anyone else to watch her and she actually did great! She was quite the ham and everyone commented on how adorable she was. What's new? ;-)

In other prego news, I am still feeling great! Which makes me feel bad. And scared. I get nausea here and there, but it doesn't last. It feels more like heartburn. What if something is wrong? I guess my reasoning that nothing is wrong is that I am having other symptoms, too, like sore "chest area," frequent urination, extreeeeeeme tiredness... Wow, I could sleep 12 hours a day. Crazy! But then I guess I am only nearing 6 weeks so this could take a turn at literally any moment. I'm counting my sick-free days as blessings!

Other than that... I went to work this weekend, and.. Let's just say... Friday night was probably the worst night I have ever had. I won't go into too much because I don't know who reads this blog but it wasn't due to the patients. Ugh! Glad that's over with.

Since I can't think of anything else to write, I'll just leave you with some adorable pictures of The Princess. :-)

In one of her dazes again...

Thinking up her new schemes...

Charlotte and Susan, my best friend and the one who took me to Walmart to get the digital pregnancy test!! Haha!!

Yes, those are pink hearts on her diaper! :-)

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Love the heart dipe!