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Oh Charlotte, how much do I love thee?

Before I became a mom I never realized how I could feel about a child. I have never really been a "kids" person. I just was never around them, my family never had itty bitties running around. Well, we did, but I wouldn't consider my family to be very close so we just never got together very often. I think I babysat once growing up, and that's it! And I won't lie, in the beginning it was very hard adjusting to having a baby in the house. But lately she has just been SO much fun! She is walking like a pro now, working on running, imitating practically everything we do (except sign language, grrrr, little stinker!), and trying to learn how to climb on the couch. If I am on the couch, she wants to be on the couch. If I am sitting on the floor, she is content to sit or be on the floor. I taught her this new trick yesterday. I was turning around in circles like a crazy person and singing for her to turn around with me. And she started turning around! And cracking up at me, of course. She laughs at just about everything I do. Sometimes I feel like I'M the goofy and playful parent. Aren't dads supposed to have that role? HAHA. But I do love her so much and I'm so excited to watch this little person develop into God has her planned to be. Smooches, little Char!!! :)

Mommy loves me this I know,
because she loves to tell me so!

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chelsea said...

She is just too cute for words, Hil!