Baby Shoes

I have an obsession. And it is quite the obsession. I just LOVE baby shoes. Or toddler shoes, walking shoes, whatever you want to call them. There is nothing more adorable than cute little shoes on cute little feet! I just love 'em! These shoes are the ones Charlotte currently wears and they are just so adorable. The only thing about baby shoes, though, is the price. You can find some on sale, but seriously, some of them are more expensive than I would be willing to pay for a pair for myself!

And right now there is a sale going on at Pediped.com that also benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Check them out!

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chelsea said...

You and me both! I have SUCH a shoe obsession, although I blame mine on the fact that I have a boy, which means I got gipped (sp?) in the cute bows and clothes dept. :) Those shoes are adorable!