13 month doc's visit

Charlotte got to have her 1 year doctor's appointment today! Yeah, she is 13 months instead of 12, but that's ok, right? She did well, as she always does, except she always hollers when the pediatrician sticks that thing in her ears. Oh, and of course she SCREAMS when she gets shots. Of course, I do, too!! :) Here are her 13 month stats:

Height: 32.5 inches (100+ percentile!)
Weight: 21 lbs 1 ounce (50 percentile)
Head: 17 3/4 inches (er... dont know, dont care percentile)

Doctor said she looks perfect! She is still on a little formula because we are trying to use up the leftover cans we have. No use in putting good formula nutrition to waste! :) But she is on all "adult people food" and no more baby food! Well, she still gets some infant oatmeal in the morning because of the iron. I started giving her juice (well, VERY watered down juice) but I think I am going to cut that out because it's a habit I really don't want to have to break later on. I would really like her to want water instead of sugar, NOT saying that juice isn't ok for your child, if you're cool with it! :) She is walking ALL OVER the place now, she even has this new thing where she likes to stomp her feet. I am still working on sign language with her but it seems like she just refuses to sign back! The only one she'll use pretty consistently is "all done" after she is finished eating. Oh well, maybe she'll catch on soon.

I get my tallness from my parentals

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