Finished with day 6!

In six days, I have read through the 28th chapter of Exodus. I have NEVER done that before. Reading the Word of God in huge chunks like this (anywhere from 12-16 chapters a day) has been so rewarding, even just in the 6 days that I have been doing it. You see how the story of the Bible comes together and you pick up things you never noticed before. I have tried to read the Bible cover to cover in a year. I have only done it once before (and actually, it ended up being about 1.5 years), but honestly, it's just such a LONG goal in sight! I guess that's why I like the 90 day set up so much. I'll have read the whole Bible read by March 31, right before Easter. This is just so inspiring to me, as someone who alway desires to read the whole Bible but just doesnt know how to do it. Praise God for His wonderful and PERFECT Word.

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