We're goin' to Jackson.......

In the words of Johnny Cash, we're goin' to Jackson!!

I didn't put it on the blog for the longest time because Thomas didn't want to get the word out until Eaton had "officially" let him know about the job. They told him over Thanksgiving break that he had gotten the job! About 1.5 months ago, he had two interviews with Eaton Corporation in Jackson, MS for a Leadership Development Program for engineering college grads. Over 20 people were interviewed and only 5 were selected. They are REALLY keen on GPA and for Thomas to have gotten the job with only a 3.01 GPA, well, let me just say that it was a definite God thing! Praise the Lord! He has a TON of experience, though, so I'm sure that is what convinced the interview panel to accept him. Basically what he will be doing is rotating to different positions over 3 years, and then they will put him in a management position in an area that depends on his area of expertise. So the goal of the program is to develop the LDP's and train them (heavily!) for a few years and then move them on up the ladder.

We are both SO excited about this great opportunity. They gave him a GREAT offer, complete with sign on bonus and relocation package. Thank GOD I wont have to pack up all this stuff!!! I hate packing and moving!!

Since I have never been to Jackson, MS, just the two of us are visiting the area this weekend so I can see if I approve! His company is even paying for our hotel room at an Embassy Suites! I can't wait!

Of course, more on all of this later....!!

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