On Black Friday while I was at work, I ordered a Garmin Nuvi 260w on Amazon. It arrived a few days later and can I tell you how *AMAZING* it is??? I had a few Amazon giftcards saved up from my Swagbuckin' so it brought the overall price to a ridiculously low deal, so we had to get it. We figured it would be really handy after we make the Big Move. I have zero navigational skills, so this thing is really going to help me out! We brought it with us over to Jackson this past weekend and it was simply amazing! It guesstimated our arrival times down to the minute, told us where the closest gas stations were, led us to any house address we typed in... It is just awesome. We'll probably have to get another one for my car next year.

It's so amazing that this kind of technology is available for such an inexpensive price. Crazy!

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