As my friends will tell you, I am not a big picture taker. I'm just not. I've tried to be, but alas, to no avail. I just always forget to grab my camera! *sigh* So these are some of the pics I snapped this past weekend.

First off, a pic of my hubby. The first night in Jackson (well, I guess it was our only night) we went to a restaurant who's name I can't remember right now (I think it was Bravo's?). It was AMAZING. It seriously had the best chicken I had ever had in my life. It was called Grilled Chicken but it had this soft cheese on top.. And wow, it was just amazing.

This is a snapshot of one of the shopping malls in the area. We had lunch in Sweet Peppers Deli (practically the same as McAlisters). Its a nice area in Ridgeland, I believe.

Possible future place of employment! :)

Another place of possible employment. I think this was Baptist hospital.

Of course, we drove by Eaton Corp. Thomas was just all too excited to show me where he'll be working for the next umpteen years. It's in an older building so it wasn't as snazzy as some other plants I've seen, but he said it was really nice inside. Eaton has a great reputation, I've heard. Not that I know anything about that kind of stuff.

We just had to drive by the Reservoir! It was beautiful, even on a rainy foggy day like it was. It was HUGE and took about 5 mins to drive across it.

Another picture of the Rez.

So that's all I got! I know it isn't much, but like I said, I really like the area and it was a lot of fun taking the weekend off to be with my honey!

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