2 months!

Charlotte is 2 months old now! I can't believe it, time has flown by so fast! On Tuesday she had her 2 month doctor's appointment. She apparently doesn't have thrush anymore, just a white tongue which the doc attributed to milk. Hmm. Then why do *I* keep getting it? I've heard you can get it from the pump, but I hope not! It's not like I have an extra few hundred dollars lying around to buy a new one! Anyways, she is perfectly healthy and weighed in at 11 lb 4 oz (about 50th percentile) and get this... 24.5 in long! That's 99th percentile! I always thought she was a long baby, but my goodness. I wonder where she gets that from? Haha.

Yesterday I took her to the ENT doctor to have her tongue tie evaluated. Ever since she was born I had noticed a very noticeable indention in the middle of her tongue. All the doctors, lactation consultants, etc all said it was fine and wouldn't affect nursing. But we have had so many problems with nursing from the very beginning (we're still not nursing, btw... gotta love breast pumps!) I really don't know what else it could be. Anyways, so I had her checked out, and he just basically said go ahead and clip it. So we did! I wasn't really expecting him to do it yesterday. They had to strap her down and she gave him a big smile (poor kid didn't know what was comin') and he clipped it. It wasn't too bad, she cried for a bit, but she was ok. When we got home and I got her out of the car seat, she was smiling at me. :) So we'll see if this helps out at all with the nursing. I attempted to latch her yesterday morning (before the clipping) and she latched right on. (btw, sorry if this is TMI for anyone!) Twice! It was only for a few minutes. But then she fell off and got fussy. Oh well, atleast it's something!

I never would have thought almost 10 WEEKS after my baby was born I'd still be struggling with this stuff. But my baby is worth it. And I'm just plain too stubborn to quit.

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