Snow Day!

It's snowing! I haven't seen it snow like this in ages! It snowed about 3 inches around here. So it was baby's first snow day! We didn't stay out in the snow for long, but Charlotte Rose was able to wear her snow outfit for a little while outside, and then she took a nap in it in the swing. My mom also came down the day before and she hadn't been down since Christmas so it was great to have her here and for her to see the baby. She has grown a ton since she has seen her!

Yesterday I was at a women's retreat for my church. It was a great time of fellowship and sermons that I really needed to hear. I realize I have wasted a lot of time during this maternity leave. It is so easy to get caught up in a routine of life, all the while leaving the LORD out of it. I feel ashamed of that and I plan on fixing it. Here is a great software program I found that helps you with Scripture memorization: http://www.memorizehisword.com

This last week has also been very hard on me. I pretty much had a meltdown on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had been reading too many baby books (sleep books, in particular) and I think I had just become too paranoid. I am feeling much better now after talking it over with a couple women from my church whose parenting styles are similar to mine. I've realized that God really is our help in times of trouble and He definitely helped me through it and has given me a spirit of peace about it. I'm just going to raise my baby the way that God has instinctively called me to do it and by His Word, of course! On a side note, it simply amazes me what people will read and implement just because the author says he is a Christian.

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