Wow, 6 months?

Okay, yes, I think I'm the worst blogger ever! I never seem to remember to update this thing. Life happens, I guess!

So I guess I can do a quick update.


Charlotte is doing fabulous. She turned three whole years in December and I can hardly stand it. She just amazes me every day how big and mature she is getting! She is so tall and beautiful, sometimes I am just shocked she is my child. Charlotte loves to crack jokes and be funny. "Charlotte so silly!" is one of her favorite phrases nowadays.

Couldn't you just kiss that face for hours?!

Clara is... Well, Clara is 16 months old now. And as big of a crank as ever. Ha ha, no, she is a sweetie pie and I love her to pieces but MAN has she been sent by God Himself to test my patience! I don't know how I don't have grey hair with this little princess. She loooves her mama, though, that is for sure. She still cries whenever anyone tries to hold her. I kinda hoped she'd be outgrowing that by now, but I guess not. She's still really little, only about 20 lbs at 16 months. Poor child still ain't got no hair, though! It's been so funny to see the difference between Charlotte and Clara in that area. By this point, Charlotte had a huge head of hair and, well, Clara doesn't even have enough to put a little clip in it! Lots of headbands for this little sweetie.

Just for fun, here is a picture of Charlotte at 16 months. Do they look alike? (I don't really think so!)

Aaaaaaaaaaand for those that do not follow me on Facebook, we just found out a couple weeks ago we are expecting another little blessing! We really weren't planning on it, but hey, we'll take what the Lord has in store for us! We aren't exactly sure of the due date, but it will be anywhere from November 27 to December 5, somewhere in there. I go for an ultrasound on April 19th. I would appreciate your prayers that a healthy little beanie will show up!

I am a little nervous about this pregnancy. As some of you might remember, I was super duper sick with both girls almost immediately after I got my positive pregnancy tests. Well, this time, I have had hardly any symptoms at all. I've been really tired lately and a bit dizzy (okay, a LOT dizzy), but other than that, not even the slightest hint of queasiness. I know, I know, "they" say every pregnancy is different. And I should be grateful, and BELIEVE ME, I am But my last two were exactly the same! :) So I am a little worried that something might be wrong, like maybe the baby isn't developing well.... I try not to focus on that, though, and just remember God is sovereign and there's nothing I can do about it right now!

If everything is fine on the ultrasound and I continue to not feel sick then I would be willing to bet my left arm that this baby is a boy. Not that we were trying for a boy, I would love either gender (a house full of girls!! *squeel!!*), but I have to admit I'd love to have a little man in the house! Charlotte told me she wants another little sister, though. I guess little Clara has really grown on her! They really are best friends. Anytime they are not together (which is, hmm, hardly ever!) Charlotte wants to be with "Baby Clara."

And I just downloaded a nifty little app to my phone that (hopefully!) will help me upload blog posts easier.

But for now, here are a few more pictures from the last couple months! Enjoy! (Oh, and yes, I made the dresses! I've taken up sewing as a nice little hobby lately! Maybe I'll post about that later...)

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