Things I love about my children.

Because sometimes we can all complain a little too much about our little stinkers.

- I love that Charlotte says "Thank you," just about every time I hand her something. Such a sweetie.

- I love when Charlotte keeps calling the baby over to the toys to play with her... "Baby, come on! Come over here!"

- I LOVE watching the girls together. Clara absolutely loves her sister and just cracks up over the silliest stuff that Charlotte does. The other day Charlotte was walking really silly shuffling her feet, and Clara was just laughing and giggling and following her around everywhere. She just adores her!

- I love when Charlotte sings "Jesus loves me." Melts my heart.

- I love that Clara is so in love with me. Its true. The child wont go to anyone else! Even if its me and Thomas in the same room, she always prefers Mama. 'Atta girl. (And actually, it's her first "official" non-babbling word! Mama. Yep. Im proud!)

- I love how Charlotte is (usually) so kind to other people. She likes to share and likes to make people laugh.

- I love that Charlotte absolutely, positively loves her daddy.

Clara says, "War Eagle!" :)

Isn't she just the cutest? <3


mpence said...

What a great blog post idea!

It is not that your life is too dull, you just don't tend to post about the little things! My life isn't any more exciting, but I know it is those little things that I will want to look back on after my children are raised and have their own families!

mpence said...

Oh, and can I steal the idea of the post?

thehills said...

Sure! :)