Ugh!! For the past week, Lil Bit has been sick. I, of course, unable to stop kissing her sweet cheeks, caught the lovely cold virus she had. Or whatever it is. She got sick last Friday so she's about done being sick, although she is still a little stuffy and fussy at times. I also think she is teething (yet again!) so that doesn't help the matter. Poor thing.

I had to call in to work this whole week and THAT really stinks. I have very little sick time since we just went out of town for Christmas, and all of that vacation time was used up then, so... Yeah. We're poor this month because of a stupid cold. Of course, we're always poor, but that's for another post!

I tried going to Target today to pick up a gift for a baby shower and that was a no go. She was fussy, I was fussy because I had just taken a Sudafed (bad idea, I gots the jitters)... We got what we needed, and then left. Then I realized I forgot to get a gift bag. Ugh.

However, in two weeks, Thomas and I are going on a much needed getaway to Gatlinburg! I can't wait! I have never been but everyone I know who has been says its just great. Hopefully I'll be better by then! :)

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