Balmex queen and Target runs

Ma! Look what I found!

So today Little Stinker and I decided to go to Target. I had heard they were having some great sales, and I guess I missed out because most of the 75% off stuff was cleared out. Oh well! I did happen to find some cute jeans for Charlotte and a few tops. I have lately discovered that it is becoming more and more difficult to go to stores with her. I guess she is at that stage where she just wants to walkwalkwalkwalk EVERYWHERE. She does NOT want to sit in the cart and will throw a screaming fit if I try to restrict her movement. So today I put her down on the ground just to see what she'd do. She was surprisingly good, although a few times she did want to dart in the complete opposite direction of my shopping excursion. One of those child leashes would come in handy about right now! Ha. But overall she stayed by my side and listened when I told her to come back when she began to wander. I can only imagine how a huge, bright, and colorful place like Target would look to a Little Person!

But I do have a question.

What do you do when this Little Person decides to throw a fit in a store where you know everyone is watching you and waiting to see how you lay hold of your dear child? I have my own thoughts but I'd like to know what you do, too! So, any thoughts?

Oh, and I leave you with.... Said Little Person. :)

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