Considering the totally massive amount of student loans that Thomas has acquired over the last *ahem* EIGHT *ahem* years in college, we have been trying to come up with ways in order for us to pay them off A.S.A.P. The ultimate goal is to be debt free (of course, besides having a mortgage, but then we'll get that paid off A.S.A.P. after the student loans are paid off!) within just a few years after he graduates. We'll probably have to live like paupers for a few years, but that is ok! I'm already practicing! I am an avid couponer and CVSer! If you don't know what CVSin' is, you need to jump in the boat because you can really save some serious moolah. And make some too. You can get a good tutorial here.

Anyways, so we've all heard of Dave Ramsey. I had heard of him and knew he was the "money man," but never really understood why. Apparently he was a self-made millionaire by the time we was 30, and then lost it all. Alllll of it. But then he picked himself back up and made himself a millionaire AGAIN. And of course now who knows how much money the man has. He's written a book called, "The Total Money Makeover," and he has a website that helps you with your budget. We just signed up with a free trail so maybe this is something that can really help us? I don't know. I just know that I want to be home with my baby as soon as I can and I just want to get these hovering cloud of debt out of our lives. I know that if we are faithful God will supply all our needs. And we can live off of beans and rice for a few years. Right?

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Susan Pieper said...

Fred & I have been following Dave Ramsey for years. He is the real deal. And, he loves Jesus and gives Him all the glory. You can't go wrong. Best of luck.. and if you screw up at anytime, just get refocused and start again. We love you so much! Mom Hill/Pieper