at it again.

This be my... Oh, I don't know... 5th blog? 5th times a charm, right?


Anyways, I've decided to follow the crowd and start yet another blog. Will anyone read it? I won't get my hopes up, but I think it can help friends and family follow our lives as it begins to get somewhat interesting.

For starters, I guess an introduction is due. I am Hilary, and I will probably be the main contributor to said "blog." I am a young twenty-something and I am married to another young twenty-something. We'll call him Thomas. We have been married (almost!) three years in December. Last year, a day before our 2 year anniversary, our sweet baby girl was born - Charlotte Rose. She is probably who I will talk most about on here. What else do mommies talk about other than their pretty babies? :)

We are first and foremost devout Christians. But we hope that you know that already. Our one true desire is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. We must decrease, and He must increase.

I graduated from Auburn University in May of 2008 with a nursing degree and I have been pretending to be working as a nurse ever since. I like my job, but darn it, the day we pay off Thomas' loans is the day I put in my two week notice. I long to be a SAHM (stay at home mom for all you folks unfamiliar with the innerwebz) but that will have to wait a few years because of said loans. I will go into that in detail later... If the hubs approves... We'll see.

Thomas is STILL a student at Auburn University in Industrial Engineering, woo hoo! I'm married to a soon-to-be-engineer! That's gotta count for something, right? This will be his eighth, yes, EIGHTH year in undergrad. Honey, do I need to say it again? EIGHTH. Long story.

I just got finished working the night shift.


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