Sunday Naps

No, not for me, silly! For da baby. :)

Sundays are pretty hard on us. I love to go to church and I love to go to the Bible study it has afterward, but before I had a child I never realized how important naps were for growing babies! Every other day Charlotte has 2 naps.... One at about 9:30am that lasts anywhere from 1-2 hours and one in the afternoon at about 2:30pm that lasts about 2 hours (or more). On Sundays, however, church starts AT 9:30, so poor thing is always ready and willing to jump in the bed right when we get there, but.... We have to thrust her into the nursery that is fully of all kinds of wonderful colorful TOYS to play with! What joy! :) Soooo we usually have to deal with a fussy baby pretty much all day. After church (we usually leave before Bible study for this reason, if anyone is wondering... I just can't concentrate about God when my baby is screaming because she is waaay overtired) we have to drive around for about 30 mins for her to have a little catnap in the car. Then we go to lunch and then go home so she can get a longer nap in.

Such is life when you have a baby!! It used to be much worse when she was taking 3-4 naps a day, haha... Yeah, talk about being overtired! I swear that child was about to slap me on some of her more tired days!

God, I can't wait until she goes down to 1 nap... Maybe, just MAYBE, we will be able to get out of the house for more than 2 hours at a time! And go to church.... for the WHOLE time.

MaHaHahA I luv to mak muma crazE wit mi nap habitz!

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