Meet..... Samson. Or as we like to call him - Samsonite, Stinky Sam, or "Dah" in Char language. He is a 2.5 year old mini chihuahua. Well, I dont know if he is actually a mini chihuahua but he sure is tiny! He hovers around 5 lbs on a good day and is just a big ball of cuteness. And sweetness. He loves to be pet more than any other dog I have ever seen! If he sits by you and you decide, oh, I dont know, maybe my hand needs a BREAK from stroking your fur, he will start clawing at you until you start up again. Crazy, I know, I dont know WHO taught him this trick, but I think it's pretty clever for a dog with such a small brain! He loves his mama and I like to say he's my little shadow. Even when I am using the bathroom he sticks his nose under the door to make sure I'm still there!

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