36 weeks!

So since this past Monday I have been 36 weeks into his pregnancy! I am so grateful to have made it here, there were a few weeks where I didn't think that we would! But of course, prayer works and God is good! :)

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and also had an ultrasound to see how "big" this baby was. Ha. Even though I seem to gain a kindergartener when I'm pregnant, it doesn't seem my babies get to memo to get "big." :) I know that ultrasounds can be waaay off in terms of a baby's weight so I dont trust them at all, but it said she is weighing about 6lb 6oz right now at 36 weeks. Not too shabby, I guess. Charlotte was born at 39w6d and was 7lb 10oz, so she was a little thing. Maybe this baby will be bigger than Char if she decides to wait that long...

Of course, I am not dilated or progressing or anything yet. And that's ok! I could have sworn I would have had SOMETHING going on, though, with as much Char lifting, walking, and stress that has been put on my body lately! I guess in a way I am glad, though. I dont really feel ready to have a baby yet!! Im quite scared to have 2 little ones 2 years old and under. What was I thinking?! ;)

So next Monday I will be 37 weeks, which is considered fullterm. I can't believe I am so close to being there!!! It seems this pregnancy has gone sooooo slooooooow. Now, I just need to get the 297372 things done that I need to get done before she gets here... :)

My little fairy princess

Trying out her big sister role by rocking her baby doll :)

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Anonymous said...

how do you know prayer works?
and how do you know god is good?