No more contractions! Phew! :)

I havent updated in awhile, and Im sorry! Im incredibly horrible about it! :)

Ever since I posted last I've had a couple ultrasounds. One showed that my cervix was funneling, but was not thinning or dilating, so thats good. No, Im not sure exactly what all of these things mean, but none of them are a good thing, apparently!! So 2 weeks after that I had another ultrasound and I wasn't funneling anymore (yay!) but it showed my cervix thinning juuuuust a little bit. I think it went from 4.2cm to 3.2cm or something like that. The doctor wasn't concerned, and I have been feeling better, so that's good! I have maybe 2 or 3 contractions a day, so not bad at all!

I am 29 weeks today and I just praise God that little Vivian Grace (yes, this is her official name! ya like?) :) has stayed in for this long because I was so nervous for awhile that she might come early. I know that her little life is in His hands and I trust for Him to do what He sees best with her life! I can't wait to meet her, but hopefully not too soon! :)

Unfortunately, I won't be able to post any pictures for awhile as my darling daughter decided to jam my camera's lens and now it won't turn on. Joy. Let's see..... Sweet girl has broken our TV, my old computer, and now my camera. Not sure what is next, but maybe I need to learn to not let her play with electronics! LOL :) I plan on taking the camera to Geek Squad or something soon to see if it can be fixed... Lord knows we can't afford another camera right now but with little ones, its a necessity!!!! :)

Please keep me in your prayers. I have been suffering from some major anxiety and depression related to our six figure debt that we have to pay off over the next 9237402987 years. I am trying to be content in life and be happy where I am and not worry about tomorrow, but that's sooo hard for me right now.

Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." Hebrews 13:5

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mpence said...

Glad to hear the contractions have calmed down!

Great cervical length, too!

Hang in there for the financial stuff. You never know what God's plan is or how He will provide!