Jan Brady Syndrome

Anyone ever afraid your baby will suffer from this? Let me explain.

A worry that I have that is COMPLETELY unfounded, dumb, stupid, illogical, and weird is that this baby will have the Jan Brady Syndrome. You know, Jan Brady from the Brady Bunch. The 2nd daughter who always compared herself to the Golden Child -- Marcia Brady. Marcia was beautiful, talented, and "perfect" in the eyes of Jan. Jan was just kind of a clutz most of the time and wasn't as cute as Marcia was, and well, was a little on the dorky side.

Charlotte is a cutie. What if Vivian isn't as beautiful as Charlotte? As smart and as funny and witty and, ahem, as well behaved? :) What if she is the ugly duckling, always comparing herself to her wonderful big sister? Of course, I will love her just the same no matter how she looks, acts, or how her personality turns out to be. But it is a real thing that kids deal with, especially girls (from what I've heard). Char is a cutie, but I don't take any credit for that -- the child looks not a thing like me! She was even a cute newborn, and let's be honest, not all newborns are cute. LOL But either way, even if Vivian isn't a cute baby... Just lie and tell me she is!!!!!!! :)

Anyways, so yeah, that is a fear of mine. Jan Brady Syndrome. I am not saying all this to be vain or to imply that beauty is the say all, end all in a female's life. I actually want to instill in my daughter's hearts that beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. In our society beauty is so valued and so esteemed. I've struggled with it myself, coming close to bouts with bulimia when I was in high school. I don't want my babies to go through that, I want them to know they are wonderfully and fearfully made by the hands of the One who hung the heavens in the sky. And that they will ALWAYS be the most beautiful ladies on the planet to me!! :)

Trying to steal a kiss... She always moves away from me! :)

I mean, isn't she glamorous? LOL


icebear said...

Now my sister and i were 3 years apart, but we were totally different kids. My sister liked dressing up and liked bugs and mud.
We were different enough to not feel any competitive urge.
My own 2 kids, though 10 years apart are also quite different.

I'm sure things will work out fine, you are aware that this can sometimes happen and since you are aware of it i think you will be able to avoid it. Concentrating on their individual uniqueness (and how special that is to God) and be sure to not compare one to the other in a demeaning way, which will undermine the point you are trying to make in the first place.
lol did that make sense?

serna_b2002 said...

Oh my gosh, she's so adorable!!!