She's a signing girl!

I have been signing with Charlotte since she was about 7 months old. I had heard about Baby Sign Language before I was ever pregnant and knew it was something I wanted to do, it just seemed to fun and just another learning opportunity for children. I also went to an alternative elementary school so we learned sign language there, too. Im not fluent in ASL by any means, but I could probably get by with spelling everything out with a deaf person if I had to! Charlotte and I watch the "Baby Signing Time" (see above) videos, too, and she loves to watch the little babies sign.

Well, until about a week ago Charlotte had REFUSED to sign. Oh, she'll throw me a teaser of "all done" some times after she's finished eating, but very rarely. And of course, she doesn't speak much so she has basically wanted to communicate by whining. I was really frustrated and didn't know how to get her to sign or speak. So I just stuck with it and BAM...

All of a sudden, over this past weekend she has been signing up a storm! It's like it just clicked in her little brain and she figured out, "Hey, I can get what I want by doing these little hand motions!" :)

She is really good at signs having to do with food (she is a Hill, of course) and loves to sign "eat," "more," and "all done." She will sometimes sign "milk," too. Other non-food signs she will do are "shoes" (although it looks like "more"), "potty," "dog," and... maybe a few others I'm forgetting at the moment.

I will try to catch a video of her signing, it's so cute! So yeah, Im glad I kept with it! Hopefully this will help us communicate better and she'll be able to tell me what she wants instead of throwing the tantrum of the century.

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