Jumping on the CD bandwagon...

Why would I want to start cloth diapering a 14 month old? Because it seems that LS (Lil Stinker) is nowhere near wanting to potty train. *sigh* Oh well. And that's ok! Plus, I'm lazy and don't feel like propping her on the pot every 30 minutes. Even if she were ready, she probably would still need pull ups or something or other for night time, right? :) Besides, we plan on having more kiddos (hopefully soon?? ;) so I know they won't go to waste. And have you seen the modern cloth diapers? They are way cute and look nothing like those white nappies your Grandma used to use.

So I've decided to start cloth diapering, at least part time at first. I've found a few off brand all-in-one/one size online that have rave reviews so I bought a bunch of those to see if I actually like CDing. And I got a Fuzzy Bunz. And a Smartipants. I also got a diaper pail bag and some detergent. Even got a free cloth changing pad. I'm all set! (I think? Have I forgotten anything?)

We'll see how long this lasts!

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Jessica said...

We noticed you bought a Smartipants! Well, if you have any questions about using it or need any help or run into any 'I am new to cloth diapering issues' I am more than glad to help! My name is Jessica and I invented Smartipants. E-mail me at customercare@smartipants.com or facebook message our fan page www.facebook.com/smartipantsdiapers if you have any questions. We want each and every NEW Smarti-Mom to enjoy their diapers because they really are easy to use!