First Day in Cloth!

To most people (especially if you don't have little ones in the home) this post will be completely boring. So you can click out of this blog now if you want to. :-)

Today was our first day totally in cloth diapers! It took awhile for all the diapers I ordered to come in and then I had to prep them and yada yada yada... So today was the day. Well, ACTUALLY, last night was the first time... Dont ask me why I wanted to risk it but I did, haha. She slept in a Fuzzi Bunz dipe last night. No leaks! And this is from a babe who's morning diaper could knock someone out cold!

The kinds I bought are mostly pocket snap diapers with a few velcro thrown in there. I bought a couple Fuzzi Bunz, a couple used Bumgenius 3.0, a few SmartiPants, but most of my stash is Kawaiis. Yes, they are an eBay diaper, but they got awesome reviews online and at only about $6 a diaper, I couldn't resist!

Attack of the bed head!

I dont know why but she was just actin' all shy when she got up from her nap :)

Chillin' on the couch...

So far, I really like cloth diapers. They're so cute and seem to be just as easy as disposables. We've had no leaks so far in any of the diapers, which is good especially because she has chicken legs and I wasn't sure if some of the dipes were too big or not. :) Plus, we'll be saving money. I figure each disposable diaper is about .20 each so these babies will pay for themselves in just a few months. Yay for saving money! Oh, and I also won a SmartiPants dipe in a blog giveaway this week! Woohoo! :)

To be honest, the one thing I dont like about it (and Im sure most CDers can say the same) is the poop. TMI ALERT -- Char's poop is usually brown and solid. Normal. The past week or so it has been yellow and soft. I'm thinking it's because she's teething (workin' on those molars!) but I dont know. HOPEFULLY this will pass soon because let's just say that dealing with 2 of those kind of diapers today was not fun! I think I'm going to invest in one of those nifty diaper sprayers....

Oh, and Thomas likes it, too! He worked all day today but he changed her into her nighttime diaper. He did a good job! :)


And I'll leave you with a cute video of Charlotte eating applesauce with a spoon :)


icebear said...

lol, i admire your decision to switch to cloth. i'm sure they are 10x more comfy and they are very cute looking on her. mine is in Luvs disposables and they do work fine for me, my sister swore by cloth, says its the best thing and i believe it.

SHe is even more adorable by the day, both my daughters think she is beautiful. Arielle wants to send a hug and Aurora is fascinated by that video, i think she knows she will have those mad spoon skills herself, soon. :)

God Bless

Tammy said...

I use liners when doing cloth diapers. Makes cleaning up the poop waaay easier!!

Adry said...

Charlotte just gets cuter every day! The first pic is particularly cute!

Rachel said...

So cute! Love the video and the adorable bum!

Are you using liners? I know they make CD'ing more pleasant for us (but I'm using more disposables as of late).


Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

They will definitely save you money AND they are so much better on our environment.

I am hosting a Smartipants giveaway on my bog right now, giving away a three pack if you want to enter...http://flyinggigglesandlollipops.blogspot.com/2010/03/guest-post-and-giveaway-smartipants.html!