The hubs and I have been talking it over and we have come to the conclusion that it would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING possible for me to only work part-time after we move! Thomas is very budget-minded. He updates and studies our budget and knows it like the back of his hand. He is constantly checking the online bank statements for updates so he can add it to the "budget." It has not been unknown for him to call me 5 mins after leaving Target asking me, "So, what did you just buy?"

Annoying? Yes. But I am very grateful for it because Lord knows that I am NOT very budget-minded and dont even know how to balance the checkbook. He basically pushes me out the door the work and I work. He tells me how and when to spend money. It works for us!

Anyways. So according to his "budget" for paying off his student loans after he graduates, it may work out for me to only have to work part-time in a nursing job. How amazing would that be? It would be on Friday and Saturday nights. This way I could be with my sweet angel for 5 days out of the week, and on the weekends she could spend them with her daddy. So that way we wouldn't have to pay for daycare or a sitter AND she would be at home more and I'd ALMOST be a SAHM... But not quite. I gotta settle for something! Mommy's guilt eats me alive some days!

Please pray for us in this decision and in the next few months as we make very important relocation decisions...

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