Back to Work!

So last week was my first week back to work! It went a lot better than I thought it would, although it did take me a couple days to get used to sleeping during the day. It was also my first week of being a nurse without being pregnant, haha! It was definitely much easier than before. I used to have to bring so much food to work with me because I would get so nauseous if I let my stomach get empty! (hello 65 lb weight gain! lol) I like being able to have a break for 3 days out of the week, although I still get to see Charlotte for about an hour total those 3 days. And then we spend 4 days together! It is going to work out great, I think.

This weekend Charlotte and I have also been a little under the weather. I have a horrible cold right now and I have to work tomorrow so I hope I feel better. I would hate to call in on my 2nd week back! How embarrassing! Anyways Charlotte only had a stuffy nose and she coughed and sneezed for a day or two, but she was such a happy "sick" baby! She wasn't fussy at all and slept great, something I was worried about when she was to get sick. I wonder if she only had allergies with all the seasonal changes we are going through right now. She seems to be doing much better now. Which, by the way, I thought breastfeeding was supposed to help babies not get sick! This has been the second time since she was born that she's been sick! So much for all that... :)

For right now, everything has been going great. We are still struggling our way through short naps (45 mins! ugh!) but I've read some info about how to extend them so I am going to be trying some of the tips this week. It worked today for her morning nap, she slept 2 hours! Anyone have any advice for this?? :)

In terms of milestones, not much has been happening! She turned 3 months old today, though! How the time has flown. I can't believe it! Seems only yesterday I was rubbing my tummy and she would kick me and I would press her foot and she would move it back in, lol. Such a little miracle! But she has been much more aware than she used to be and she loves to smile! She hasn't started giggling yet, but I can't wait 'til she does! :) She'll definitely fit into this laughing family! She can lift her head up a bit like you can see in one of the pics above. She also tried to roll over, but not yet! Soon enough though, I'm sure!

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