long time no update!!

Sorry about the lack of updates!! Of course, this is going to be one big update! :)

Where to begin?

As of today, Charlotte Rose is 7 weeks and 2 days old! She is getting big! If I had to guess, I'd say she's almost 11 lbs now! I think the last time she was weighed she was 10 lbs, and that was at her 1 month doctor's appt. She's getting so big!!

Just a few updates from since she was born....

The wonderful and lovely people from our church coordinated dinners for us. I cannot even explain how helpful this was and how blessed we felt during this time! It was so amazing not to have to worry about making dinner. I cannot express how grateful we are to have such a wonderful church family.

My mom came down to visit again during Christmas time. It was great having her here. She even watched the baby one night so Thomas and I could go out on a real date! We went to go see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Very good, by the way!

In early January, Thomas' mom came down again (she was here the day after Lottie was born with Fred) and spent a weekend with us. It was also great having her here.

Hmm.. And then the next weekend Thomas' aunt and cousin Addie came to visit. We went out to eat and spent some time together and they also watched Charlotte while we had another date night! Woo Hoo!

But I guess the biggest issue that has risen since she was born has been the breastfeeding issue. 7 weeks later, and we are STILL not nursing successfully. I have been basically pumping breastmilk for her ever since (I have a great supply, so PTL for that!) and bottle feeding her. We had latch problems from the beginning. I have tried everything to get the girl to latch, and she just won't. It's extremely painful and shallow. It was really bad the first couple weeks. I cried soo much during that time, I don't even like to think about it! I know I was starting to slip into some post-partum depression because she just wouldn't "get it" and I was just so mad that everyone else seemed to have a great breastfeeding experience, and why I couldn't have it, just bewildered me. I had a horrible pregnancy (constantly sick) and a painfully long labor, and now this! lol. So, needless to stay, we are still working on nursing.... I am almost at the point where I am about to quit, but I think I am too stubborn to! It's just that after I have read so many articles about how much a risk formula feeding is, I feel like every bottle I would give her of formula would be pumping cancer into her!! Ahhhh... This is a whole other blog in itself, can you tell?

Moving on....

Basically Charlotte has just been getting bigger and bigger! She seems to have added a few extra rolls onto her little legs. She also grew 2 inches in a month, so now she is about 23 inches! I'm afraid she is going to be outgrowing some of her 0-3 month clothing pretty soon!

She also started SMILING!! :) She started that at about week 6, which I was so looking forward to. She is so cute when she smiles! It really makes me teary eyed sometimes. I can't believe God has given me this precious little gift. She has also started to make a lot of cute little noises, like little coos and cahs.

Here are a few pics from the last 7 weeks...

Right after babies first sponge bath! What a cutie!

This was taken on Monday 2/2/09, she just loves her little playgym!
There is a little mirror which is what she is looking at.
She just smiles at her reflection. So cute!

This was taken last week. She likes to sit in her bouncy seat as Thomas and I eat dinner. We were trying to get her to smile, and she finally cracked one!

A few weeks ago my dad came down to visit.

This is the picture we used in our birth announcement. Maybe you received one? :)

Those are just a few of the pictures we've taken over the last 7 weeks. She has her 2 month doctor's appt on February 17. I'll be interested to know how much she weighs then! And how long she is! She will be getting vaccinated, which admittedly, I am a little nervous about.... With all this news going on about autism and all that. I'm thinking about having her on an alternate schedule, which is what Dr. Sears suggests. You know, of The Sears Baby Book?

Until next time....

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